Thursday, January 25, 2007

Preview of WWIII, DC's upcoming new series?

From Newsarama:
DC has released what appears to be a teaser image with no information attached other than the subject line of an e-mail: "Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction..."

Which obviously accounts for the weepy Superman, but not really someone wearing the Red Robin costume from Kingdom Come, or the dashing, pantsuit Batman (from an Elseworlds, perhaps, or freshly back from a relaxing desert trip where he found himself?)

Oh - and bodies, bodies, bodies...Max Lord, Beetle, Jade, and The Question...?

Click for a larger version.

This is only conjecture on my part but, the rumored and fairly "hush-hush" series, WWIII my actually see fruition immediately after the close of the monumental series which is nearing its close, 52.

However, the pic is pretty intriguing for comic aficionados since one would be hard-pressed to explain the aforementioned costume variations. I don't recognize that version of Green Lantern. Although, the black hair suggests that it'd be Kyle Rayner instead of good 'ol Hal Jordan (albeit the current version is much younger than the '60's one and doesn't sport the grayed sides). Also, Max Lord and Beetle bought the farm a while ago, so chronologically the pic doesn't make sense especially if it's going to take place after 52.

Given that there is no obvious "Perez" sig on the pic, my guess would've been him at first glance. However, I'd have to say it's Phil Jimenez based on the illustrated features and his penchant for delineating Perez-type of panels on a grand scale. Interesting...

My other guess is based on the sunken Statue of Liberty. The current Busiek/Pacheco storyline where Superman gets a lifelike glimpse into the future courtesy of the newly-arrogant and regal, Arion. I'd have to dig up the issues but if memory serves me right, the future was portrayed in a rather dystopian landscape where the earth was ruled by Khyber and Luthor rose up to be the hero in Superman's absence.

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