Friday, January 05, 2007

Could the Sequel Be Far Better Than the First?

Some nice eye-candy

I remember back in the 70's/early 80's reading a soapbox column from Stan Lee regarding putting his Marvel characters on the silver screen. He stated that comic books were truly unique in that movies, in general, wouldn't be able to capture the creative zest and verve of comic books back then. He further stated that if someone were to attempt to make a movie of the Fantastic Four, they'd end up being over budget trying to capture on-screen a typical Kirby book, forcing the movie studio to shut down...or something like that. We have since come along way with a myriad of technological innovations that bend the imaginations of the most jaded movie-goer who's seen their share of mind-boggling special effects.

Today's link to the second installment of the Fantastic Four is a fine example of things movie studios couldn't even attempt 30 years ago. By today's standards, this sneak peek is "ok to middling". I watched about 20 minutes of the first FF movie and fell asleep. I'd rather not get into why I didn't like the movie since it really wouldn't be a fair or objective, not to mention...complete assessment. But, I hope the second version will hit the right chords. The Silver Surfer effects are pretty good, highlighting his alien-being as well as his cosmic powers. Based on the clip, the Thing looks rubbery, Reed doesn't come across very genius-like.

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chazzy said...

I always thought Stan Lee was a kook!!!!