Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Larry King Live - Beyond Positive Thinking, Part 1 (11/2/06) FULL

The FULL show posted with permission from CNN on

Larry King Live's Beyond Positive Thinking Part 1 aired on CNN 11/2/06.
Part 1 features Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, John Demartini and JZ Knight.
Part 2 features James Arthur Ray, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, George Pratt and Jayne Payne.
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As many people can tell from previous posts or links on my site, I love to read, listen and watch anything that serves to improve upon a person's overall being. I try to scoop up as much information as I can as well as apply them to my life. This is no easy task with as we try to filter out information pertinent to this growth during the Era of Information Overload. I'm constantly trying to find ways to increase productivity in life and work. I can't say that I always succeed in doing so, but, I keep trying. Larry King hosts a show with some popular authors who extol the virtues of positive thinking. While I firmly believe that we must rely upon God in everything, there is a godly ambition to do well with whatever talents God has blessed you with. Many times, the battle to succeed and to move on starts from within ourselves.

I have a new job with Citigroup. The training is intensive and complicated. If the corporate culture that my boss provides was not one of helping one another, I would've cracked a long time ago. In fact, I actually broke out in rashes as I questioned my competence and ability. Positive reinforcement is much more than pumping ourselves up with positive thinking. There is a battle from within not to succumb to the negative. As the old proverb proclaims: "As a man thinks, so he is".

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