Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Weevil GN

The Weevil
Created, Written and Illustrated by Ethan Nicolle
Story by Ethan Nicolle and Will Thompson
Bad Karma Productions

Ethan Nicolle has created a disturbing and dystopian vision of a world where man co-exists with half-man, half-animal or half-insect creatures in the city of Hernia. The title’s hero finds himself the recipient of some rather powerful, yet, frightening abilities as he is able to transform into a greater than life, destructive creature, the Weevil.

This is Ethan Nicolle’s first graphic novel. His relative newness in the industry occasionally shows at times in the artwork. While his pencils are adept at portraying a world disparate from our own with a unique array of characters populating the pages, his inks at times aren’t as adept at bringing out the best from the pencils. There are times when panels seem muddled and confused as images seem to blend into one another as the differences between the illustrated characters aren’t as distinct. This occurs more than once in the frantic fight scenes throughout the book.

However, it is to Ethan’s credit that he is able to jump into the comic-making fray by boldly producing and graphic novel that captures his frantic imagination onto page. While there are a few miscues, there are pages where Nicolle’s artwork flies off the page displaying a manic imagination being unleashed from mind to page leaving the reader with a black and white visual feast…sometimes bordering on sensory overload!

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