Saturday, February 10, 2007

300 Video Journal #5

This behind-the-scenes look is a follow up of sorts to my previous posting of video journal #3 which delineates the training each actor submitted themselves to in order to capture the spirit of Sparta for this movie. Given that there are no known records of the Spartans' combative fighting styles, the fight choreographers took an amalgam of Far Eastern martial arts (including the Filipino fighting styles)and came up with some of the most ferocious battle scenes ever caught on film.


chazzy poh poh said...

Can't wait for the movie with the continuous sneering, grunting, and yelling, dripping with testosterone and sweat!
Speaking of sweat, I hope this isn't another Frank Miller stinker on film which is already overloaded with all the internet hype! Remember Robocop 3? Or Sin City (another over-hyped movie that was only saved by Micky Rourke's performance).

Kevin Agot said...

There always has to be a naysayer from the Peanut Gallery...(sigh)