Sunday, February 11, 2007

HammerHeads Review

Never underestimate Astraware.

I will be honest: when I first heard about this game, I thought it was a “Whack a Mole” knockoff relegated to the pre-teeny-bopper set. Boy, was I wrong! This is one the cases that I'm glad I'm wrong.

HammerHeads is one of the most amusive games I've played. I thoroughly enjoyed this game's frenzied, frantic and fast-paced frolic into a fantasyland filled with fantastical, madcap creatures that you can crush and crunch to your hearts desire.

A variety of Elvin creatures that you normally see decorating (and I use that term loosely) lawn ornaments from the 50’s and 60’s come alive in this action-filled, crowd pleaser for the young and young-at-heart. The game may seem very easy at first, but it quickly gains speed advancing through many levels as more objects populate the game’s landscape and more and more gnome-like characters are added to the mix. Each of these gnomes has their particular quirks that set this game apart. Some characters can be decimated with only one clunk over the head. Others may require even more whacks. I’m at a level where a particular gnome needs 6 whammies on his noggin to go away.

Throughout the game there are upgrades to lengthen your life or add more coins to your coffers. As you progress in your lawn-gnome-destroying abilities players are rewarded by additional levels, which get unlocked and offer even more riches. Moreover, the more coins you collect, the more opportunities players have to upgrade their lives, enhance their hammer-speed or just outright purchase a more thunderous hammer. This is definitely an all-ages game that will satisfy the curious child looking for the next great game to pour his youthful energies into or the game-happy adult looking for quick, clean diversions or a satisfying break from work. HammerHeads is a definite keeper on everyone’s PDA!

This game gets 5 out of 5 Hammers!

Test drive HammerHeads from Astraware's site here

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chazzy 300 said...

Hey, why don't you pull your clout and get these PDA game designers to make CHEAP DS lite games? Maybe $10-$14.99 for quick fixes. Why don't you suggest it to them. The hammerhead game seems kind of cool and would be a great game for quick diversions...something the DS Lite needs more. Look at Cake Mania. It is crossing the lines.
Pitch the plan, maybe they'll give you an answer.