Saturday, February 24, 2007

Purity #2

Purity #2 picks up where the first issue’s cliffhanger left us. The Four Horsemen have come to Earth looking for an item of the utmost purity that can grant untold and unimaginable power to its owner.

I love a good battle of biblical proportions…especially when characters that pre-date creation settles upon our planet to duke it out. The artistic line-work of Andres Guinaldo is an absolute gem to behold. His artwork draws out from readers a mixed bag of emotions. One minute you’re marveling at the delicate line-work and detailing involved in creating each panel. The next minute, you’re raising your eyebrows at the very same aforementioned details that delineate death, destruction and depravity on such a grand scale. This is a comic book done in widescreen without the double page spreads. I’m amazed at how much mayhem can be portrayed in one page much less the entire book! Make no bones about it: this is high-octane violence depicted with broad and grandiose strokes that the story seems to burst from its pages!

Keep in mind, folks…the artwork is in black and white. Can you imagine how horribly beautiful these pages would be when in the hands of a gifted colorist? I think my head would explode!

Little by little, writer Shawn Lewis reveals more and more of the reasons behind the fantastical war between light and darkness with a good measure of gray in-between. I’m still a bit wary about hell’s agent, Abigor… you just never know if she could turncoat so easily.

I love (writer’s) re-imagining of biblical characters and elements and transforming into the 21st century. From heaven and hell’s agents to the desperately sought-after relic, his unique ability of pulling fascinating lore from between the chapters of the Bible is refreshing and bold.

This book easily ranks 10/10!!!

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