Monday, February 26, 2007

Tony Loco #2

The second issue of Tony Loco takes us deeper into the mind, psyche and the mental institution that houses Tony and other patients of the mentally unstable.

Layer upon layer of Tony’s past is slowly revealed. We catch glimpses of what perhaps will the unveiling of the reasons for his catharsis. Most of the officials and workers have no genuine concern for its patients run the mental institution. The only staff member that cares for the patients is Janice Evans.

This issue was definitely a trip. Most journeys into the mental psyche of a character can be difficult to follow. Throughout the book, there are glimpses to events from Tony’s childhood that, while possibly meaningful to creators who know their characters intimately, may be portrayed in a manner that unintentionally leaves readers a bit in the dark. The danger with dealing surreal elements at times, is that there can be a disconnect of sorts where the audience can get lost and be left more puzzled about a character rather than knowing more about him...(Read the rest on

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