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Olive Tree's Software Review (Part 3): The Bible Knowledge Commentary

Olive has been the software leader in providing user’s with top-quality, highly educational and divinely inspirational Christian content in the form of Bibles and biblical studies, tools and references. Their software crosses over to a multitude of mobile platforms as well as a host of different languages from many countries all over the world. Olive Tree offers a plethora of content that can be viewed in various formats. Olive Tree’s cutting-edge software allows users to view content as books, articles, maps, pictures and illustrations, animation and videos.

There simply is no other company that provides the wealth of choices for the seeker or the follower, novice in the faith or mature disciple. The content on Olive Tree’s site continues to grow as new material is regularly updated and added. is THE choice for your source of Christian studies and Bibles for your PDA.

There are a huge variety of Bible commentaries out on the market today. The trick is to find a commentary that is simple enough for novices to follow but thorough and reliable enough to challenge the more experienced bible reader. Olive Tree’s The Bible Knowledge Commentary is a great addition to the growing stable of bible tools offered on OliveTree's home site that enrich and deepen a reader’s Christian faith. It is written for ministers, laypersons, seminary and Bible teachers, Bible students and those seeking comprehensive but concise commentary.

The faculty and staff members of one school, the Dallas Theological Seminary, wrote the Bible Knowledge Commentary. This lends to consistent interpretation of Scripture with the grammatical-historical approach “and from the pretributional premillennial perspective” for which the seminary is well known.

Personally, the style of writing is important for a better understanding of the message and study of Scripture. Some texts tend to use $100 words that confuse rather than clear up the content. It is as if you had to be part of a secret club in order to fully understand the meanings of the verses. Still other writing styles tend to be outdated and archaic. These writings tend to be dry and serve to alienate the bible reader from seeking deeper, spiritual truths rather than leaving them refreshed and fulfilled, excited and eager for more. The Bible Knowledge Commentary opens up and reveals spiritual truths in a manner that can be both challenging and yet, rewarding. The explanations are easily understood and intelligible. When the writers introduce words in their native Greek or Hebrew forms, the accompanying explanations are clear and concise. They can also serve to provoke deeper thought and develop greater insight.

For example, the authors address a topic that I’ve thought about over the years, but have not really found a satisfying explanation for: why did Jesus tell the Leper he healed in Mark 1:40-42, not to speak of his miraculous healing? The following is an excerpt of this unique mystery:

“A more satisfactory view is that Jesus wanted to avoid misunderstandings that would precipitate a premature and/or erroneous popular response to Him. He did not want His identity declared till He had made the character of His mission clear. Thus there was a progressive withdrawal of the veil from His identity until He openly declared it…Second, Jesus instructed the former leper to show himself to the priest, who alone could declare him ritually clean…”

Each book of the Bible includes an introduction, Outline, Commentary and Bibliography. The commentaries offer a thorough and rather complete evaluation of Scripture. A summary of sections as well as a verse-by-verse explanation is covered in the Commentary sections of every book.

The Dallas Theological Seminary’s Bible Knowledge Commentary is another powerful addition to the PDA of Bible readers of all levels of understanding. This commentary is truly an affordable asset that strives to enrich the readers’ understanding of Scripture as well as enhance their personal walk with God.

You can find out about The Bible Knowledge Commentary and other great software for in-depth Bible study at the Olive Tree website found here.

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