Sunday, June 03, 2007

Olive Tree's Software Review (Part 4): The New Unger's Bible Dictionary

Olive has been the software leader in providing user’s with top-quality, highly educational and divinely inspirational Christian content in the form of Bibles and biblical studies, tools and references. Their software crosses over to a multitude of mobile platforms as well as a host of different languages from many countries all over the world. Olive Tree offers a plethora of content that can be viewed in various formats. Olive Tree’s cutting-edge software allows users to view content as books, articles, maps, pictures and illustrations, animation and videos.

There simply is no other company that provides the wealth of choices for the seeker or the follower, novice in the faith or mature disciple. The content on Olive Tree’s site continues to grow as new material is regularly updated and added. is THE choice for your source of Christian studies and Bibles for your PDA.

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary is a classic found in Christian bookshelves all over the world. It stands out as one of the foremost references of the Bible. It continues to be a “must have” resource essential for deepening a reader’s understanding of Scripture. One writer has pointed out that one of the keys to Unger’s writing over the years is his humility in writing about various topics. He strives to glorify God and not himself through his writing.

Many of the dictionary’s content aren’t written in standard dictionary form. Many of the articles are written as encyclopedic entries that serve to offer as much detail as possible. The writings are well thought-out and informative. The book contains updated Greek and Hebrew transliterations as well as up-to-date scholarship and an updated bibliography.

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary works well within the Olive Tree Bible Readers software. The beauty of the marriage of the Olive Tree software and Unger’s is that biblical verse and informational content are hyperlinked and easily accessible for faster cross-referencing. No more flipping from page to page. I have the hardcover and soft cover versions of New Unger’s Bible Dictionary and nothing compares to the overall compactness of having the software in your PDA and the absolute speed with which you can find topics and chain references for those topics.

You can find out about The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary and other PDA software for greater in-depth study at Olive Tree’s home site found on .

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