Monday, October 08, 2007

Astraware's Boardgames Review

Astraware is the place to go for your handheld gaming and entertainment needs. With over 140 applications for most handheld platforms, Astraware is uniquely positioned to cater to anyone’s gaming and entertainment needs. Reviewing applications for Astraware can be a daunting task as they have such a wide range of diverse, quality applications. Astraware is truly “the home of handheld entertainment”.

Astraware has done it again! They’ve taken some of the world’s most revered and popular board games and bundled them into an eclectic mix of game-playing and technological wizardry.


Over the years, I’ve spent a good penny buying individual games for my PDA. I bought a chess game for $25. I bought another chess game for $35. I’ve purchased a backgammon game for about $20. I bought a checker game for $10. I have a Reversi game for about $12. With these games alone, I’ve spent over $100! To be honest, some of these games have left a lot to be desired in terms of game play and presentation. Sadly, many of their developers have been left behind in the wake of the speed of technological progress and advancing operating systems. What was once enjoyable on my Palm m550 isn’t as hip on my TX (and maybe not even playable on the newer OS). Astraware’s Boardgames covers all these bases.

Astraware continues to take gaming to the next level, as their latest release Boardgames goes on sale this coming Wednesday, October 10th, with a stable of eight full games all for the measly price of $19.99. You read it correctly: EIGHT games! The list of games includes Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Snakes & Ladders (also known as Chutes & Ladders), Reversi, Ludo, Tic Tac Toe, and Nine Men's Morris. Each game comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial for those of us not so familiar with any of the aforementioned games. I’ve never played Chutes and Ladders nor Ludo. However, the instructions were kept simple and basic enough for me to jump in after a few minutes of reading. I’m a bit of an impatient guy who doesn’t like to read tutorials, but the instructions were a breeze and allowed me to jump in and enjoy the games.


The game play and graphics are top-notch as is customary for anything coming out from Astraware. The games offer game-learning curves for both novices and more experienced players to enjoy at personally compatible levels of competition. Rather than spend over a $100 searching out these individual games, you’re better off purchasing this combo game gem for a low price. You won’t be disappointed with Astraware’s high-end reputation for producing games that are great to look at and even greater to play. Moreover, if you have any technical problems (which have been few and far between over the years I’ve supported Astraware), they have an excellent tech support staff that will get back to you with practical and immediate resolutions.

Not surprisingly, I give this game 5 out of 5 Stars!!

Give these games a test-drive and find out for yourself! Click here!

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chazzy said...

You know, you could buy "Club House" games for the Nintendo DS. This baby has more than 40(!) games on it with every game you have here plus 30 more, including card games, pub games like darts, bowling, and other stuff. It is pretty good value for your money at $30 for more than 40 games. Check it out!