Thursday, November 22, 2007

Planting Seeds of Fun: Plantastic!

Astraware is the place to go for your handheld gaming and entertainment needs. With over 140 applications for most handheld platforms, Astraware is uniquely positioned to cater to anyone’s gaming and entertainment needs. Reviewing applications for Astraware can be a daunting task as they have such a wide range of diverse, quality applications. Astraware is truly “the home of handheld entertainment”.

With a perfectly timed-release date during the holiday season, Astraware and PalmStorm have teamed up to create a cornucopia of creative Cistercian-like game play with their newest addition to the ever-growing stable of world-renowned software from Astraware. Plantastic combines elements of gardening; puzzle solving and strategic thinking in a fun-filled meld of technology and frivolity.

The digitally crisp, clean graphics, and smooth animation along with the light-hearted sound effects and soundtrack are given the high-end treatment, as is par for the course for anything coming from Astraware. This game is perfect for the entire family to play, especially over the holidays.

This game requires great hand-eye coordination as you plant flowers of varied colors while working around various obstacles such as mushrooms that impede the development of bouquets or hungry moles that pop up out of nowhere to destroy your works in progress.

Plantastic is simply a fantastic way to wile away the minutes and hours with your virtual green thumbs. All you need is this great game and some time to kill and your set for some fun flowering goodness.

Test drive Plantastic on the Astraware site here!

(Originally posted in Palm Addicts)

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