Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Fearless" Book Review

Max Lucado has written a book that is timely and appropriate for our times. His book “Fearless” pointedly addresses the fears we face every single day. These fears could originate from unfamiliar, distant lands from a people whose language and culture we are alien. Or, they could originate from deep within spawned from experience, pain and failure. The tag-line is bold and unafraid, “Imagine your life without fear”. That’s quite a tall order to address…but, one that Lucado successfully achieves with his extraordinary spiritual perspective, keen insight into God’s Word and his skillful storytelling acumen.

Max Lucado’s has an otherworldly gift that enables him to view some of the most harrowing and difficult questions from uniquely spiritual eyes that leave readers both enthralled and inspired after each and every chapter. According to Lucado, the key to overcoming is in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ forged from trust. Lucado brings home his message by bringing back to Jesus and his promises…by bringing us back to God. His message throughout reminds us to hold onto Jesus’ promises...Jesus’ personal convictions. Lucado doesn’t tell us how to manage fear; or how to mitigate it. He’s training us through biblical teachings and principles how to live without fear. Other than the Bible, what other book today addresses this topic head-on, and addresses our fears dead-on?

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