Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Essential App:


I live in northern Virginia and work with a government-issued smartphone.

Recently, President Barack Obama issued a presidential order banning the
use of government-issued mobile units while driving.

When I first heard about the new software, from iSpeech, a relative newcomer to the mobile software market, I was hesitant. I’ve had experience with text to speech software and it wasn’t all too great. In fact, it was quite discouraging.

I encountered problems such as an unstable application; text and content being misread on a regular basis; robotic voicing reading my content, making the end-user experience rather stale and dry. Too often I’d end up deciphering what was being “said” by the software which took more energy to listen than it was to simply read.

I’m glad to say that iSpeech’s first foray into the mobile market is a great success. There is afree and premium version available for everyone. Of course, the premium version is much more feature-rich and offers users much more options. But, at the low price of $13.95 for a one-time, lifetime license, this is an app made in heaven for people who drive or commute. converts SMS text messages and incoming email messages into audible and conversational read-aloud content without the end-user automobile driver not having to touch a single button. This is great for those who need to listen to their email as they drive or commute to work. In many states today, it is illegal to text, read emails or make calls on your smartphone. is a safe alternative to taking your eyes off of the road in order to attend to incoming messages. With, users can decide if a text or email message needs to be responded to immediately or not. If it is the latter, the driver has beeninformed and can choose to turn off the road or park off to the side to address correspondence that needs immediate attention.

My commute is 110 miles round trip, so this is a great and handy tool that enables me not only to be compliant to state traffic laws but to also remain mindful of any urgent messages that may come my way.

The slick and professional interface is intuitive and promotes the ease-of-use. can be used not only for people driving, but for those who are commuting on a bus or train. The software easily pairs with a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. Alternatively, users can choose to use the smartphone built-in speakers. Free-users can enjoy a maximum of 25 words to be read aloud while premium-users enjoy a maximum of 500 words.

Another cool feature with the premium version is that the gender of the author of the incoming email is recognized and will automatically match the gender of the voice reading your email to you. How cool is that?

End-users can also customize an auto-response to explain to those sending emails or IMs to you why you aren’t available and when you’ll get back to them. Think of it as a mobile version of your corporate email client’s “Out of the Office responder” but it’s more like an “I’m Currently Driving” responder. For example, users can set their auto-response to explain “I’m currently on the road. I will be able to address any correspondence after 7 pm”. The developers of were also savvy enough to include messaging short cuts to be read aloud for the convenience of the listener. For example, “LOL” will be read to you as “laughing out loud”. How cool is that?

Although the has initiated its first public version, it is incredibly feature-rich and is as intuitive as it is helpful. This software is a winner and the developers have opened the doors to a vast array of future development. This is a no-brainer, essential application that everyone who has a BlackBerry or Android smartphone needs to buy NOW! Not only does this application help you to remain compliant to federal and state law, it helps users to safely manage incoming instant or email messages while driving or commuting to work.

Get a free download of here.

Highly Recommended!

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