Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: Momentum Theme - LIFT


I previously did a review of the first three offerings from the Momentum series of themes from the talented developer, TriMax84.

The Momentum series of premium themes is all about motion, dipped in eye-candy, framed by practicality. What good is a theme if there is considerable lag time that prevents the end-user from quickly accessing his applications? Thankfully, the Momentum series has a relatively small footprint and doesn’t add considerable lag time while moving from app to app or launching software from within theme/home screen.

The latest offering in the Momentum theme is “Lift”. The signature architecture of the Momentum series is the shaded-arch in the upper left hand corner where all the basic and pertinent information resides: time, date (day, month and year); battery percentage; and, reception meter. There is a slot for placement of the weather app, QuickLaunch or MeterBerry.

However, this theme is different from the previous themes as it has five noticeable dots or hidden docks located at the bottom of the screen. As with each theme from the Momentum series, each one is differentiated by distinctive animation. In “Lift”, each of the dots represents a docking station for a number of stacked applications to rise from. From right to left, each docking station contains a number of apps which shoot up or “lift-off” from the dot. The rightmost dot stacks seven icons/applications. Proceeding towards the left, the dots stack the following number of icons in descending order, four, three, two and one, respectively. There are a total of 17 icons which are hidden until launched with one slot for the weather application. All in all, Lift hides and/or launches 18 applications from the home screen!

One noticeable improvement with the entire Momentum series is the marked upgrade to version 2.xx. This is noted by the animated menu screens which quickly shoot up when launched. Previous versions launched the menus in the standard fashion but the upgrade was definitely an eye-catching and welcome surprise!

The theme is filled with practical functionality which serves to make your most often-used software as easily accessible as possible. Here are a few more to whet your appetite:

* Hidden today
* Hidden docks
* Custom icons and graphics

List of Shortcuts:
Click the corresponding key (ie: "Alt + b" for "!") to launch the program. These shortcuts are maintained even with Dial from Homescreen enabled!
$ - profiles
! - BlackBerry Messenger
@ - Compose
* - alarm clock
# - QuickLaunch
Spacebar - browser
) - Media
Escape - clears the homescreen

TriMax84 has created another homerun with the newest addition to the Momentum Series of Premium themes for the BlackBerry. “Lift” empowers users to show off their home screen with five hidden docking stations that launch 17 applications. The animation and graphics are the usual clean, crisp handiwork we’ve come to expect from TriMax84.

You can find out more about “Lift” here. Show your BlackBerry some love by gracing it with any theme from the Momentum Series!

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