Sunday, June 03, 2007

Olive Tree's Software Review (Part 5): The Bible Map Atlas

Olive has been the software leader in providing user’s with top-quality, highly educational and divinely inspirational Christian content in the form of Bibles and biblical studies, tools and references. Their software crosses over to a multitude of mobile platforms as well as a host of different languages from many countries all over the world. Olive Tree offers a plethora of content that can be viewed in various formats. Olive Tree’s cutting-edge software allows users to view content as books, articles, maps, pictures and illustrations, animation and videos.

There simply is no other company that provides the wealth of choices for the seeker or the follower, novice in the faith or mature disciple. The content on Olive Tree’s site continues to grow as new material is regularly updated and added. is THE choice for your source of Christian studies and Bibles for your PDA.

The Bible Map Atlas is an add-on for the BibleReader software that complements the King James Version software. There are over 1,150 cities and locales from Biblical times that users can access by tapping the hyperlinks embedded within the BibleReader software while reading the KJV. The maps are multi-colored renderings that users can easily differentiate from land and water locations.

Moreover, users can use this add-on to either zoom-in or zoom-out of the maps. I was able to get as close as 4 miles above a location. The maps aren’t as detailed as what you’d see in GoogleEarth on your PC or laptop. However, the maps serve as a great reference and atlas for viewing lands from biblical times as they correspond to other cities that Bible aficionados have read about over the years.

The Bible map software has a button from which users can easily access the Locations list. Here users can easily navigate and find their location of choice by inputting the city in the identification line or they can scroll up or down the list until they find their city of choice.

You can find out more about the Bible Map Atlas at the Olive Tree home site here.

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asianarnold1 said...

Big K

great site bro! i like your Thoughts About English article. too funny.

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asianarnold1 said...

Big K

great blog bro! i like your Thoughts About English. too funny!

check out my new hobby

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